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Star Powered™ - Astrology for Changemakers with Leslie Tagorda

Aug 30, 2020

The lunar nodes are important signals in your business that show you where you are meant to stretch into your full potential and the traps that you can get stuck in with past patterns. I share how I used a nodal transit to shift an offering in my business to be more aligned and I teach you how to use your Lunar Nodes by...

Aug 23, 2020

Virgos, the ultimate diagnosticians. 


From healers, to researchers, to systems analysts, Virgos love to analyze and make more efficient. 

We gratefully each have Virgo somewhere in our chart, even if we don’t have planets in Virgo.

Thank goodness, because, where we have Virgo, we have the power to heal, make whole...

Aug 16, 2020

Happy half birthday to me and six month anniversary of The Savvy Luminary Podcast. Join me in this special celebration episode where we cover all of the wins and lessons we learned over the last six months since our launch! 

Aug 9, 2020

Our Sun Sign is one of our main pillars, along with our Moon and Rising Sign. Of the three pillars, our sun sign is the foundation of our brand.  When we are able to recognize the strengths of our sun sign as our superstars, then we can get really clear on what we do so well. And when we can get clear on our brilliance...

Aug 2, 2020

Whether or not you have a strong Leo in your brand, it's in your chart somewhere. By cultivating Leo’s passionate energy and understanding its core purpose of having joy, being loved, and having confidence, this will allow you to show up vibrantly in your brand so you can shine brighter.