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Star Powered™ - Astrology for Changemakers with Leslie Tagorda

Nov 18, 2022

Revolution starts within by choosing to do something out of your comfort zone to dismantle and decolonize the systemic shoulds and beliefs that hold you back from your highest potential. Our world is rife with a multitude of these limiting and oppressive stories to heal, and your natal astrology shows you exactly where you’re meant to break free of past patterns of oppression and exactly which energies you are meant to stretch into to reach your highest potential. In this episode I’ll share with you, the astrology keys that keep you comfortable (and stuck) in past patterns, the keys you need to stretch into and the two things you need to support you on your inner and outer revolution… choice and community. You can choose to go alone, and you won’t go fast nor far. A revolution takes community, your people that support and witness you on this healing journey. Take a listen to this episode where I dive into how you can spark your own revolution using astrology and get a special invitation into Star Powered™ Circle.