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Star Powered™ - Astrology for Changemakers with Leslie Tagorda

Sep 28, 2023

It’s another eclipse season this month, with a Libra solar eclipse and a Taurus lunar eclipse, out of polarity and both ruled by Venus. Venus brings in peace, beauty, truth and attracts what she needs to thrive. But Venus isn’t just a peace keeper. She is also a fierce warrior who will defend her own and grant victory. In this busy month, it’s a time to be the Warrior Goddess. To face your fears, to slay your outdated relationships and to grant victory over limiting beliefs of worthiness. This month on your awakening journey, you heal the wounds of family enmeshment so you can choose better collaborations in your Work. You bring awareness to the wounds of scarcity and worthlessness so you can choose your value. It’s an active month with 2 eclipses and all inner planets full speed ahead shifting signs and inner energetic alignment.  You’re going to sweat, you're going to dig, you're going to excavate and you are going to trust. And in return for all the space that is now created, you’re going to flex your sweet trust of success, truth and empowerment. Thank you, October. I mean it.