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Star Powered™ - Astrology for Changemakers with Leslie Tagorda

May 1, 2024

After a turbulent beginning of the year, the cosmos of May is here to support our energy to appreciate, integrate and invoke your big ideas. We open up the monthly with Pluto going retrograde promising empowerment and transformation. Then our beautiful New Moon in Taurus wants us to create more sustainable and embodied peace. By the time we get to the third week of May when the moon gains light, you’ll be picking up momentum to take creative action on all the visioning and expansion. Then we have Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all shifting into curious Gemini in preparation for our optimistic Full Moon in Sagittarius. We then close out the month with Mercury connecting with Uranus for some surprise perspectives. Remember, May is your chance to integrate all that has shifted in the first four months about your vision, values, and leadership. Are you ready to invoke your big ideas?