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Star Powered™ - Astrology for Changemakers with Leslie Tagorda

Jan 20, 2023

The Aquarius New Moon is here. The cosmos is now ripe for your intentions and resolutions, not only for 2023, but for the next 20 years thanks to all the planets moving direct and Pluto getting ready to kick off the Age of Aquarius. The Aquarius New Moon that also sparks the Lunar New Year, so many new beginnings. To be able to harness the power of the Aquarius New Moon is to be able to paint a picture of the future you want to see, your role, your contribution, and the allies that you will call in as a changemaking leader. And thanks to Pluto, a signature of this New Moon, you are also asked to bring inner awareness to the fear, shame or phobia that keeps you stuck in inaction. This is the vital awakening you need to manifest the change you are here to create.
The new moon, declare how you want to change the world no matter how big or small, your impact matters. Decide now what revolution you are here to spark. A revolution both inner and outer aligned to your social values, that calls in your soul community.